Rannie Raymundo – SENCILLO!





Rannie’s newest offering is a very powerful and unique version of Visual Coins Across.

Four coins travel from hand to hand in a highly visual routine.

This e-book is beautifully written and illustrated. Rannie has set a new standard for teaching coin magic in written form.

“I think the routining is excellent. There are no extra moves, everything progresses logically for the magician and, most importantly, the audience. You’ve created a routine that looks very magical, yet is reachable for the average magician. This routine rocks!”

BEN SALINAS (Modern Coin Magic DVD)

“This eBook has a layout is just like a comic book, it is very easy to follow and refreshingly unique. Rannie has also strategically placed moments where the coins are shown very fairly on his palm up hands to show that no extra coins are in play. Sencillo is a nicely thought out visible coins across.”

DAN WATKINS (Coinman Walking DVD)

“Sencillo is a wonderful routine, combining some of the best moves out there to create a startlingly visual and amazingly clean passage of four coins from one hand to another. I’m adding it to my rep”


“I love the comic book look that you’re using. It’s an excellent write up to an excellent routine!”


“Rannie has taken a classic of magic (coins across) and turned it on its head. SENCILLO is a REAL WORKER”

Justin N. Miller


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