Vinny Marini – Godfather DVD


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This DVD is aimed towards beginner and intermediate magicians. It contains new controls and utility moves, along with effects I perform at my weekly walk-around gig utilizing these sleights. Here is a basic run-down of what is covered on the DVD:

Ambitious Aces – An ambitious card magically finds the four aces.

Adagio for Dots – Small packet effect with cards.

Crimped Transpo – Two card coin transposition using no gimmicks. Featuring my crimped palm.

Breakaway Bracelet – An impromptu broken and restored band effect…where you can actually leave the band on the spectator’s wrist!

The Ring on the Flying Trapeze – Jaw dropping ring-on-string effect.

Liquid Penetration – A very visual rubber band penetration.

Crossing the Delaware – A coin effect using 4 half dollars.

Color Zone – The backs of this small packet change as the cards “heat” up.

The Eagles Have Landed – My take on the classic coins across effect using quarters.

These original sleights are taught on the DVD: Wrist Change, Squeeze Palm, Crimp Palm (Coin), M.G.O force, and more.


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