Congratulations Scott.
I received your “Seven Keys” and after reading it
and absorbing your marvelous use of Tim Holtz's intriguing keys,
I can't wait to give it a try.
Great thinking. Great presentational materials.
I am a new fan of Scott Grossberg.
Larry Becker

The more I work with these, the more I really like them.
I’m sure that anyone who does readings of any kind will immediately see the
incalculable value of these. This is an extremely fun, durable, practicable,
portable, and unique method of reading. Highly recommended.

I think these keys are incredible and wish I had discovered them before now,
and a big thanks to Scott for calling them to our attention. Scott's book,
even though it's small, is densely packed full of ideas to get you started giving readings
with this charismatic set of magal tools. Anyone with a modicum of storytelling and reading skills
should be able to fly with them.
John Riggs

Scott, with The Seven Keys, you have created a tool that can easily move from Story-telling Magic to Mentalism to Readings. The keys are not just intriguing to look at at, they have a great feel to them. Congratulations. I can just image setting up to do Readings with The Seven Keys and the Deck of Shadows, what a great combo they’ll make!TC Tahoe

Scott ... Congratulations! I absolutely love The Seven Keys. The multiple approaches you
include with them almost guarantee that any interested reader will be pleased with one or more
of the routines. One of the ideas in a slightly different form used to sell for many times
the price of the effect. So, The Seven Keys is quite the winner!
Richard Busch

Imagine showing a group of strangely compelling keys and being able to give some amazingly accurate personality readings! You become a true teller of fortunes with this unique routine.

Until now, Scott’s new reading tool using real keys has only been shared with a select and elite few. The responses were so amazing, we wanted to be the ones to offer it to the larger mentalism and psychic entertainer community. Scott has created a 34-page booklet entitled "The Seven Keys: Unlocking the Past, Present & Future" and we now have a limited quantity of the keys, themselves, in stock.

"The Seven Keys" includes Scott’s terrific booklet and seven full-size, dimensional metal keys with a different word imprinted on each key: Love, Life, Health, Journey, Memory, Secret, and Dreams. The keys vary in size from 1 1/2" to 3 1/8". We've got to tell you - people just love to handle these keys!

The booklet provides you with Scott’s personal handlings of this fantastic product. Within the pages you will read about his pre-reading methods (including a "Which Hand Is It In" routine, an outline for the use of contact mind reading with the keys, and a discussion of "time" readings), two mindreading techniques and reveals of a chosen key word, the use of "The Seven Keys " with Scott’s now-famous Bauta technique, and his pet reading method called "Casting Keys " for using the keys like bone castings.

If you are like most mentalists, you are always looking for some new divination and "reading" abilities that will set you apart from others. Scott is always looking for visual elements to enhance the reading experience. We believe "The Seven Keys" accomplishes both of these goals. Once you learn these techniques, you can use "The Seven Keys" with ANYONE. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE.

This is, quite simply, an opportunity to obtain a fantastic, self-contained, and unique "reading system" that can be carried with you everywhere. “The Seven Keys” (booklet and keys) is only $30 (including shipping to the domestic US) and $40 (including shi pping outside the US).

Oh, and one more thing to consider - you don't have to have any prior "reading" experience to use "The Seven Keys." The secrets that Scott reveals are unbelievably, fundamentally simple, and easy to use. If you make your living doing "readings" or want to start giving "readings" as part of your performing persona, we predict this material will immediately be put to good use by you.


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