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Ever hear of Mexicans…How about Mexican Jumping Beans??? Well that’s what you get here with my NEW JumpMandu. It’s crazy as instead of beans, I’m doing it with a copper English Penny and Kennedy Half dollar coins, and you see them jump back & forth from one hand to the other.

My mixture of ingredients and special sauces bring together a little of the old and the new for some very visual 2-handed changes that happen right out in the open, and the coins are examined before and after the effect. I bring you a few exciting ways to make the magic happen in this one and with practice you can JumpManDu it too.

It’s a fun routine and people just can’t believe what’s happening right in front of them, with coins they examine. This is one of my favorite coin effects to do, it’s street-tested, packs small and plays BIG! So grab your coins and Jump to it! 🙂

Explanation videos and pdf file included in this instant download.


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