MindCast by Scott Grossberg


The stuff of legends, this effect has been quietly circulating through some of the greatest minds in magic. Called miraculous by some, when you master MindCast, your audience will truly believe no one's thoughts are safe!

Effect: A spectator is shown 6 cards imprinted with 36 mythic and mysterious symbols. The spectator mentally singles out one of the images - this is a completely free selection, with nothing written down.

The spectator's choice is ultimately known to only one other person in the entire world - you!

How would you unveil your spectator's inner vision?

What's in the eBook?

The full-color eBook, already in its 2d Edition, includes 38 pages of handlings, subtleties, and presentational ideas by Scott Grossberg. All aspects of MindCast are covered - from handling the cards to unique and powerful revelations. Everything is clearly taught with photographs of some of the finer handling techniques.

Who are the other contributers?

Additional handlings by Robin Robertson, Charlie Chang, Rannie Raymundo and Mike Sturgeon are also included.

What else do I get?

The eBook includes a special bonus section on the meanings and explanations of the MindCast symbols together with suggestions for using the symbols in cold reading situations. Additionally, templates are included with the eBook for printing your own set of MindCast cards! The templates allow you to print the MindCast cards using both Laserjet (for black and white versions) and inkjet (for color versions) printers.

What about the cards?

If you choose to order the cards from us, you will find that each set of cards has been beautifully put together by Scott. The full-color cards are double-sided with the MindCast symbols printed on both sides of each card. They are also laminated to last a long time. The cards have black backgrounds with the symbols in white (except for a select few printed in red).

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